About the suspected terrorist attack

Information in English about the suspected terrorist attack in Stockholm, Friday April 7.

• The police effort is intense and will continue at a high level. A preliminary investigation is initiated of suspected terrorist related offenses.

• The police can confirm that four people have died and 15 are injured, some of those severely. Therefor these figures may change.

• A man linked to the events was arrested by prosecutor on Saturday April 8, at 01:15. The man has been arrested on suspicion of terrorist offenses by murder. The man arrested is suspected of being the one who drove the car.

We can however not confirm the man's identity. This is due to investigation secrecy.

The police cannot currently rule out that there may be others who may be involved. The police therefore are working to identify possible accomplices or co-defendants.

• The recommendation to the public is a continued attention and vigilance. Parts of central Stockholm remains sealed off during day for criminal investigation, and it is important that these barriers are respected.

• The Swedish police authority has ordered an increased police presence in all major cities to provide safety and security for the public and prevent any further crime..

• Sweden has a good ability to resist terrorism: All police officers are armed, have body armor, working in pairs, are trained to respond to terrorist attacks and have practiced under various scenarios.

• The police are working on a broad front and have close cooperation with the Security Service and other countries' police forces.

Reactivated border control

The Swedish government decided yesterday to reactivate border controls. This means that the police have the right to conduct checks on entry to and exit, or from Sweden. The police therefore recommend everyone to bring a passport or national identity card when traveling abroad. The decision on reactivation of border controls will be in force for ten days.

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