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Be prepared for traffic disturbances in the Gothenburg area on 16-17 November

Due to the EU summit in Gothenburg, significant traffic disturbances are expected at certain times on 16-17 November. Follow the police's recommendations to avoid the busiest times, allow more time for your journey and get current traffic information.

Traffic will be temporarily suspended when the police are escorting EU summit delegation members to their accommodation and the summit during their stay in Gothenburg. Exact times and itineraries will not be communicated in advance for security reasons.

Avoid the busiest times

– The most significant traffic disturbances will occur in the morning and the afternoon of 17 November, when many escorts of EU summit delegation members are taking place at the same time, says Head of Deployment Erik Nord.
To avoid the busiest times on Friday 17 November, road-users going to and from the Gothenburg area, and travelling in central Gothenburg, are recommended to travel before 07:00, between 10:00 and 12:00, and after 18:00, if possible.

How will traffic be affected?

Traffic between Landvetter Airport and central Gothenburg will be affected periodically from Thursday 16 November at 12:00 to Friday 17 November at 18:00. Traffic between central Gothenburg and Hisingen will be affected periodically on Friday 17 November between 07:00 and 18:00. Both car traffic and public transport will be affected.
– Traffic in Gothenburg will be busy on 16-17 November, but we cannot provide any more details on the areas that will be closed to traffic. If possible, you are advised to avoid traffic in Gothenburg during these days, but if you must travel, be sure to allow more time for your journey, says Erik Nord.

Ambulance and rescue service

The police have established close co-operation with the ambulance and rescue service to ensure that urgent medical transports and interventions can be carried out during these days.

Closed areas

Following the police's security measures in relation to the EU summit, two areas, Gothia Towers and Eriksberg, will be closed to traffic under the provisions of Section 23 of the Police Act. The closures will apply from Wednesday 15 November at 08:00.

For current traffic information on 16-17 November, we refer to traffic information on the radio, and at and

You can follow events related to the police deployment during the EU summit at

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