Comprehensive investigation into the fatal accident

A comprehensive investigation is under way into yesterday's serious accident in which Lars Vilks and two bodyguards from Police Region Syd died.

The investigation is being led by a prosecutor at the Separate Public Prosecution Office. The site of the accident is still cordoned off and forensic work is under way, as are interviews with witnesses. At the current time there is nothing to indicate that this was anything other than an accident.

“I would like to stress that at the current time there is nothing to indicate that there was any external interference with the bodyguards’ car or that this was any form of attack. But there is a comprehensive investigation under way to rule this out completely and clarify the circumstances surrounding the accident,” says Stefan Sintéus, Head of the Regional Investigations Division. 

The information that has emerged indicates that the bodyguards’ car, for unknown reasons, went across the central reservation barrier and into the path of the oncoming traffic, where it collided with a lorry. Both vehicles caught fire and the incident was very dramatic. 

“There is a great deal of speculation about how the car got over the central reservation barrier. We still do not know the reason for this. But a bodyguard car weighs 4.5 tonnes and we have found tyre parts in the area just before where the accident occurred, which could indicate that there was a tyre explosion. This is one of many possible theories that the investigation will provide answers about,” says Stefan Sintéus. 

Lars Vilks had been living under personal protection since 2007 based on the general threat against him since that time. There have not been any further specific threats against him in recent times that can be linked to this incident. 

Comprehensive crisis support has been activated within the Swedish Police Authority to take care of all staff working on the incident since yesterday and those close to the two colleagues from the Personal Protection Group in Police Region Syd who died. 

“An accident like this in which colleagues die stirs a lot of emotions throughout the organisation, not least among the staff who were there when the accident happened, but of course also those who worked closely day-to-day with the colleagues who have died,” says Carina Persson, Head of Police Region Syd. 

Staff throughout the country will gather at midday for a minute’s silence to honour the memory of their colleagues who have died.

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