Special Investigations Department is hosting the first ICIN meeting

The Special Investigations Department (SU) within the Swedish Police is hosting the very first meeting on the 6th of May 2021 for the new international network – Internal Criminal Investigations Network (ICIN) – an initiative of the Swedish Police.

ICIN is unique with currently 26 member organisations from 23 different countries in Europe and has its mandate within Europol. These organizations are responsible for gathering criminal intelligence and to investigate cases where an employee within a police organization is the suspect of a criminal offence or criminal activity.

The goal with ICIN is to exchange best practice, facilitate information sharing and to enhance the public’s trust in the member organizations, the police organizations in Europe and Europol.

Press contact:

Charlotte Wallén
Communications officer at SU
Phone +46 10 563 94 13
Email: lotta.wallen@polisen.se