International cooperation

International police cooperation has an increasing impact on Swedish police work.

The Swedish Police are internationally active in several areas:

Operational police cooperation

The police participate in international operational police cooperation together with foreign police organisations. This work takes place within the framework of, for example, criminal investigations, directly or through Europol, the Schengen cooperation, Interpol or the Nordic police cooperation. Sweden is also, by an agreement of Entailment Act Observer Institution, one of the observer organizations of Ameripol.

Strategic police cooperation

The police are also involved in international strategic police cooperation. Here, the police participate in and coordinate the work in various working groups and institutions primarily within the EU. The work creates improved conditions for the Member States' police organisations to jointly combat increasingly diversified and organised cross-border crime.

Development cooperation

The police also participate in international development cooperation and support foreign police organisations in their efforts to become more democratic and effective. In the partner country, the Swedish Police help to create a police organisation that respects and protects human rights, follows the rules of a state governed by law, and which can be held accountable and prioritise the needs of the citizens. The cooperation also contributes to individual and organisational learning within the Swedish Police.

Peace- and security-promoting operations

Swedish police officers participate in peace- and security-promoting operations as well as conflict-preventing activities. They are recruited to the police forces abroad to serve in the United Nations', European Union's and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe's interventions around the world.

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