United Nations Police Commander Training - UNPCT

The theme of this three week training is intercultural leadership. The aim of the course is to prepare senior police officers for future assignments in management positions in peacekeeping operations.

The course is directed by the Swedish Police Authority and conducted in co-operation with SWEDINT (The Swedish Armed Forces International Center).

Learning outcomes

After the course the participant will be able to:

  • in a personal leadership manifesto, present how she/he can use her/his competencies as a leader in an integrated peacekeeping operation.
  • express a solution to a presented case scenario. The case scenario reflects leadership challenges and dilemmas.

Main focus will be on:

  • The tasks, the role and the responsibilities of a leader in an integrated peacekeeping operation.
  • The importance of a communicative approach and establishing relationships to create effective teamwork in a multicultural environment.
  • Feedback and reflection as a learning and leadership tool.
  • The concepts of gender mainstreaming, diversity, ethics and morals in relation to leadership.
  • The importance of involving others in decision making and awareness of how decisions will effect co-workers, the organisation and the host country.
  • Interpretation of UN mandates and other key documents.
  • Understanding of concepts and approaches relevant to democratic policing, such as police reform (RRR) and security sector reform.
  • The importance of considering Human Rights and Security Council resolution 1325 in decision making to ensure effectiveness and legitimacy.
  • Using project management and SMART goals as tools to identify strategic issues, priority activities and assignments.
  • Empower others to translate vision into results.
  • Integrated Mission Planning Process (IMPP) followed by a three-day practical command post exercise (CPX), where participants are trained in planning, co-ordination and co-operation between police, military and civilian components. The CPX gives participants awareness of the complexity in launching a peacekeeping operation.

Courses 2017

No course is planned during 2017.

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