Major Incident in Vetlanda, March 3rd, 2021

In the afternoon of Wednesday, March 3rd, the police received an alert stating that a person was attacking people with a weapon in the central city of Vetlanda. Seven people were hurt during the attacks, some receiving serious injuries.

The attacks took place at five different locations close to Vetlanda railway station. 

Several police patrols were summoned to the crime scenes and managed to seize a suspect. In connection with the apprehension an officer discharged his service weapon, injuring the suspect. The suspect was subsequently apprehended and has received medical care for his injuries.

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and the police are also investigating terror as a potential motive for the attacks.

The Swedish National Police Commissioner, Anders Thornberg, comments on the incident:

– My thoughts are primarily with the victims and their families, but also with the officers who are managing difficult incidents like this one. We are presently awaiting results of the investigation to find out underlying motives and causes for this incident to happen.

The arrested male is 22 years old, living in the municipality of Vetlanda and is a citizen of Afghanistan. The injured parties, who were attacked and stabbed during the incident, are all male, born between 1945 and 1985 and domiciled in the municipality of Vetlanda.

The prosecutor decided to detain the suspect on Thursday, March 4th. Today, on Friday March 5th, a detention hearing has been held at Eksjö district court and the suspect has been detained on probable cause on seven counts of attempted murder.

Police Region Öst initiated a regional major incident on Wednesday, March 3rd, and the police will remain on-site in Vetlanda establishing confidence-inspiring actions.

Please call 114 14 to the police for tip-offs regarding this incident or use this form: