Rimfrost - a national major incident operation against violence involving firear

Sweden is essentially a safe country, but the growing trend of violence in crime-related conflicts is dangerous. The police are working every day to address and fight crime in society and to break the cycle of gun violence and violence among criminals.

The police are working every day to address and fight crime in society. To break the cycle of gun violence and violence in crime-related conflicts, the head of the National Operations Department has decided to declare a national major incident.

Throughout the authority, the police are taking a broad approach in their effort to prevent and fight violence. In order to concentrate the effort, Mats Löfving, Head of the National Operations Department, made the decision on 10 November to activate Rimfrost, a national major incident operation, against criminal activities where weapons and explosives are used as tools in crime-related conflicts.

The objective of the ongoing national major incident operation is to:

  • Reduce the number of shootings and explosions in criminal environments
  • Reduce the number of individuals in criminal networks through prosecution and gang defection initiatives
  • Increase the number of weapons and explosives seized
  • Enhance public safety

The police are focusing on breaking a trend that has been building up for quite some time. The police cannot alone solve this complex problem of crime involving shootings and explosions. But within the scope of their remit, the police are doing everything in their power to break this negative cycle and to enhance public safety and security.

This work will take time.

Police operations carried out under a declared national major incident allow for reinforcement to be sent to other parts of the country where the incidence of violent crime is high. This can be done either through national resources from the National Operations Department, or through intraregional reallocation of e.g. investigators, analysts or response police officers on patrol duty.

The police have been tasked with establishing a national situational picture and, based on this picture, lead the police operation, by prioritising, coordinating and harmonizing their efforts.