Entry ban to Sweden from UK, Denmark and Norway(updated 2020-01-24)

Sweden imposed a stricter entry ban in December 2020 for travels to Sweden from Denmark and the United Kingdom (UK). This entry ban is from 25 January extended to include even entry from Norway, and is prolonged till 14 February 2021 (inclusive).

The purpose is to reduce and prevent the spread of a new strand of the covid-19 virus. The regulation came into effect on 22 December 2020 but was updated by the government on several occasions. The following is in effect till 14 February 2021

The entry ban is in effect for foreigners who travel to Sweden from the United Kingdom, Norway and Denmark except for

  • commercial drivers transporting goods or other transport industry
  • diplomatic or consular staff on official duty in Sweden representing a foreign nation, and their family members and staff,
  • foreign couriers,
  • people working in international organizations or who are invited by such organizations and who are necessary for the organization’s functionality,
  • people who can document that they live or work or is going to work in Sweden e.g. with a valid residence permit,
  • UK citizens who have been granted or have applied for residence status or in other ways and can document that they live or work in Sweden,
  • people with urgent family reasons,
  • children under 18 who are traveling for the purpose of meeting a parent who live in Sweden or in Bornholm, and the person who is accompanying the child,
  • health care and medical transports.

Requirements for covid-19 test before arrival

Foreigners traveling from the UK must also present a negative test result for ongoing covid-19 infection performed within 72 hours prior to arrival. Personnel in the transport sector are exempted from this requirement.

Even children are required to hold a negative test result, except children travelling for the purpose of meeting a parent who resides in Sweden and on Bornholm, and someone who is accompanying such child.

Test results should be provided by an authorized laboratory.

It is the travelers responsibility to document that the laboratory used is authorized in the operating country. 

List over authorized UK laboratories

Even test results from NHS are accepted. 

Urgent family reasons can include emergency situations such as childbirth, palliative care and funerals. More information about how this can be documented can be found in our FAQ. Frequently asked questions: entry ban

To be considered a resident in Sweden, you must verify that you have resided or will reside in Sweden for at least a year. This can be done e.g. with an excerpt from the Swedish Population registry.

Exemptions also apply to people who live in Bornholm and travel, via Sweden, between Bornholm and another part of Denmark (should be documented with ticket e.g. a so called BroBizz), as well as to health care and medical staff working in Bornholm and health care and medical transports from Denmark including Bornholm.

Please note that it is the traveler’s own  responsibility to verify this in the border control, e.g. with employment contract, service contract, pay slips, birth- or adoption certificate and/or extracts from the population register.

Other exemptions are not applicable at present. Swedish citizens are not affected by the entry ban, since they have an unconditional right to enter Sweden. Their family members, however, are not exempted.

The right to enter Sweden does not mean you are exempted to follow other requirements or advice in place to limit the spread of covid-19. According to the Public Health Agency of Sweden, it is important to stay home, avoid close contact and get tested for covild-19, if you have been in the UK or South Africa and entered Sweden on 12 December 2020 or later.

Everyone who have been to Norway within the last 14 days are recommended to stay at home for at least seven days, to avoid contact with others as much as possible, and get tested as soon as possible after entry to Sweden with a follow-up test five days after entry. Even other members of the household should stay home while waiting for the test results.

Recommendations for those travelling or who have travelled to Sweden from countries with new variants of the coronavirus

Nya rekommendationer till personer som varit i Norge (in Swedish)

No pre-approvals

The Swedish Police Authority does not issue any kinds of pre-approvals and does not issue any kind of notifications. The decision in each individual case will be made upon arrival at the border control point. It is not possible to apply for exemptions by post, e-mail or telephone. 

On this site we have compiled frequently asked questions about the general entry ban. Note, however, that certain answers may differ from current regulations regarding entry from the UK and Denmark. Please note that the Swedish Police Authority does not respond to individual questions by e-mail or telephone. The operators responding at 114 14 have access to the same information which is available on this site.

Förordning om ändring i förordningen (2020:1258) om tillfälligt inreseförbud vid resor från Danmark eller Förenade kungariket till Sverige, 2020-12-21 (in Swedish)

Förordning om ändring i förordningen (2020:1258) om tillfälligt inreseförbud vid resor från Danmark eller Förenade kungariket till Sverig, 2020-12-23 (in Swedish)

Förordning om ändring i förordningen (2020:1258) om tillfälligt inreseförbud vid resor från Danmark eller Förenade kungariket till Sverige, 2020-12-31 (in Swedish)

Förordning om dels fortsatt giltighet av förordningen (2020:1258) om tillfälligt inreseförbud vid resor från Danmark eller Förenade kungariket till Sverige, dels ändring i samma förordning, 2021-01-15 (in Swedish)

More information?

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Answers to questions about what the entry ban means for foreigners who are entering Sweden can be found in the Swedish Police’s FAQ in Swedish and English, which is continuously being updated.

Frequently asked questions: entry ban

Frågor och svar om inreseförbud (in Swedish)

Additional terms and conditions came into effect from 1 January 2021 because of Brexit. More information about this can be found on the Swedish Police’s Brexit website.

Frequently asked questions: entry ban

Frequently asked questions, (in Swedish)

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