Contacting the Police

Call 112 for urgent help from the police. Call 114 14 for other matters pertaining to police reports, tip-offs and information.

114 14 - Telephone number to the Swedish Police

Call 114 14 for all matters except for urgent help by the police. We are open for calls around the clock, seven days a week, all year round. We speak Swedish and English. If you are calling from abroad or from a foreign mobile in Sweden, call +46 77 114 14 00.

Problems calling 114 14 may involve:

  • An area code being entered before 114 14. Only enter 114 14, without an area code.
  • The call has been placed via a company or agency switchboard, or a telephone service provider whose system is not open for 114 14 calls.
  • The switchboard or provider should be alerted to this fact.

Call 112 for urgent help from the Swedish Police

112 is an emergency number called for emergency assistance when there is danger to life, property or environment. 112 is for you who require immediate assistance from, for example, the police, rescue service or ambulance.

Note that you can not dial 112 in Sweden from another country. The number is used as an emergency number throughout Europe. When you call 112, you are redirected to the nearest emergency centre.

Other languages

The operators who answer 112 calls speak Swedish and English. If there is time, they can be assisted by an interpreter, but this can delay the call.
When you call 112, you reach the following:

  • Police
  • Fire department
  • Ambulance
  • Sea rescue services
  • Air rescue services
  • Mountain rescue services
  • Poison information
  • Customs authorities, for drug tips
  • On-call priests
  • Social emergency services
  • SOS Alarm

SOS Alarm's website has more information on what happens when you call 112.