Tasks and Objectives for the Police

The mission of the Swedish Police is to reduce crime and increase public safety. Through crime prevention, the police work to ensure that fewer crimes are committed. The aim is also for more crimes to be solved.

The police mission is also described in the Police Act (1984:387). Among other things, it states that the police shall prevent crime, monitor public order and safety, conduct reconnaissance and carry out criminal investigations.

The Government's appropriation directions

Each year, the police mission is supplemented through the appropriation directions issued by the Government. This outlines the goals that the Government wishes to see achieved by the police during the current year.

The National Police Commissioner's focus

In the National Police Commissioner's directional document, the Commissioner provides an interpretation of the Swedish Police mission based on the appropriation directions, as well as a description of how it will be implemented. The Commissioner also highlights priority areas and formulates goals for the police work.