Report a crime

Report the crime to the police as soon as you can. A prompt report provides the police a greater opportunity to find technical evidence and examine witnesses.

Report a crime

For emergency situations

Call 112 if you are being subjected to a crime or see a crime being committed.

For non-emergency situations

Call 114 14 or visit a police station. Contact information in Swedish

If you are calling from abroad or from a foreign mobile in Sweden, call +46 77 114 14 00.

When filing a report, state:

  • Your personal details. If you are filing a report on behalf of another person, you need to provide personal information for both of you.
  • Time and place of the crime, in as much detail as possible.

In the case of fraud or crime connected to the internet

Save as much documentation as possible. You do not need to submit this information when reporting the crime. The police may request the information at a later stage of the investigation.

If you have lost your passport or national ID card

You must always report this to the Swedish Police so that it can be blocked. 

If you wish to report the police

If you feel that you have been badly treated by the police, you should report the incident to the Swedish Police. Call or visit a police station. When stating that you wish to report a police officer, you will be directed to talk with a person qualified to process such a report.

Importance of reporting

The police would like for all crimes to be reported. There are several reasons for you to file a report if you have been subjected to a crime.

  • Your report is a prerequisite for making it possible for the crime to be solved.
  • Your report makes it easier for you to reclaim stolen goods that the police find.
  • Your report is important to ensure that crime statistics are accurate. It helps the police to identify trends and tendencies in society as well as to inform on, and prevent crime.
  • Your report is often a requirement for you to receive compensation from your insurance company.

Tip-off the police

The police need help from the general public to be able to prevent crime, combat criminality and create a safe society. You can tip-off the police around the clock by calling 114 14. If you are calling from abroad or from a foreign mobile in Sweden, call +46 77 114 14 00.

You can also use our Swedish online form: Tipsa polisen