Tip the Police off about Child Pornography Crimes

If you come into contact with suspected child pornography on the internet, you should contact the Police.

Under no circumstances should you save child pornography pictures or films on your computer. Neither should you send pictures or films to the Police.

Contact the Swedish Police

Abuse of children abroad

If you are abroad and suspect that the sexual abuse of children is taking place at your location, it is important that you alert the police as soon as possible. Fresh information is easier to work with than if there is a long gap between the incident and the investigation.

To the alert form

Provide as detailed information as possible regarding:

  • How the suspicion has arisen.
  • The abused child.
  • The suspect. Describe the person, personal details where possible.
  • Location of the incident. Specify the city, town, hotel, et cetera.
  • Time of the incident. State the date and time.
  • Others who made the same observation. Are there witnesses?
  • Pictures of the perpetrator and/or child are also appreciated.

Contact the Swedish police. Do not forget to also contact the local police.

There is a Nordic police liaison stationed in Bangkok who receives tips regarding the sexual abuse of children in South East Asia and where perpetrators are primarily from the Nordic countries. The e-mail address to the liaison is: nlobangkok@nordlo.in.th