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Sexual Abuse of a Child Abroad

You are in another country and suspect that a child is being sexually abused? Inform the Swedish police! Your observations may help us to prevent more such abuse.

Child with two men

This form can be used to inform the police. The information you provide will be sent directly to a specialised unit within the Swedish National Criminal Police, a unit that combats sexual abuse of children in other countries.

The information you provide will be evaluated and processed. If the information raises sufficiently serious suspicions an investigation will be initiated.

You are welcome to inform us anonymously, but the investigation may be affected if we are not able to ask you complementary questions.

The more information you can provide the better.

Photographs or films

Do you have photographs or films of the suspect, the child or the place? Please e-mail them to

Please remember to give the same contact information in your e-mail as in the form above. This makes it easier for us to link the information you provided to the photographs.

Thank you for your assistance!

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