Compensation and Damages

If you are the victim of a crime, you can receive compensation for the injuries you have suffered, for example, destroyed clothing, a knocked out tooth, medical costs, pain and suffering or aggrievement.

Primarily, it is the offender who pays you damages. If the offender is under 18, you can also request damages from their parents if they are the legal guardians.

If you wish to request compensation, you should take this up with the police in conjunction with the police report. In most cases, the prosecutor is obligated to assist you in demanding damages during a trial, wherein the District Court assesses if you are entitled to compensation.

Insurance companies

If the offender cannot pay the damages or is unknown, it is possible to receive compensation from your insurance company. It is important that you report the damage as soon as possible after the crime. Your home insurance can pay out compensation for crimes such as theft, or an attack during an assault or rape. Accident insurance can also pay out compensation for personal injuries.

Contact you insurance company for information on your insurance.

Criminal injury compensation

If you cannot obtain damages from the offender or compensation from your insurance company, there is the possibility in certain cases of receiving criminal injury compensation from the Swedish Crime Victim Authority. It is primarily personal injuries and aggrievement that are compensated. The possibilities of receiving compensation for property damage are limited.

You must personally apply for criminal injury compensation from the Swedish Crime Victim Authority. They will also assess if you are entitled to compensation.

The Swedish Crime Victim  Authority

Legal aid

If you lack legal protection in your home insurance, there is a small possibility of receiving state legal aid.

Contact the National Legal Aid Authority for further information

Save receipts

Remember to save the receipts for expenses incurred as a result of the crime. Receipts may be needed if you wish to request damages, or if you intend to request compensation from your insurance company and the Swedish Crime Victim Authority.

Save a copy of your claims

Save a copy of your compensation or damages claims. It may be needed when contacting the insurance company and the Swedish Crime Victim Authority.

Reimbursement for expenses in connection with an interview

If you had expenses or suffered loss of income in order to participate in an interview, there might be a possibility for you to be reimbursed. The reimbursement is limited.