Linking policy

Do you wish to link to the Swedish Police website? Information on the rules that apply can be found here.

If you link to the Swedish Police website, we ask you to respect the following:

  • Do not use the Swedish Police logo to link to the police website. Provide the link to the Swedish Police website in a neutral manner. There is no specific banner to use when linking to the Swedish Police website. This is to avoid any doubt regarding who is responsible for the information on the website where the link is placed.
  • Only use a 'hypertext link', meaning that when the user clicks on the link, he or she is transferred to the police server.
  • Do not use 'framing', meaning that you should not link so that the Swedish Police website is placed within the frames of another website.
  • Do not use 'inline linking', meaning that you should not link so that information is automatically retrieved from the Swedish Police website and placed on another website.

RSS flow

You may use the police's RSS flow on your own website on condition that it is clearly stated that the Swedish Police are the source and that you are linking to the article at

Links to external websites

The Swedish Police links primarily to government agencies and organisations with which they are in direct cooperation. You leave the Swedish Police website when you visit any of these pages. The Swedish Police are not responsible for the content of the external websites to which links are provided.

We also link to the police social media accounts.