Checking Validity of Passports and National ID Cards Online

Our validity checking e-service is intended for use by those (for instance, bank employees) who need to check the validity of passports and national ID cards issued by the Swedish Police Authority. You will get an instant search reply online.

How to Check the Validity Online

1. Go to the e-service page.

2. Fill in the document number, personal identification number, and date of expiry. Click the button. There are three possible search results: Valid (Giltigt), Blocked (Spärrat), and No result (Inget resultat).

Validity checking e-service page

No Results

If a search returns No results, it may be due to one of the following:
• The details have been entered incorrectly.
• The ID document has not been issued by the Swedish Police Authority.
• The ID is false/forged. 

ID cards are also issued by the Swedish Transport Agency and the Swedish Tax Agency. Diplomatic passports and official (service) passports are issued by The Ministry for Foreign Affairs. 

Read more about security features that can help you determine if a document is genuine:

Security features in Swedish passports (pdf, 371 kB)

Security features in Swedish national ID cards (pdf, 540 kB)

Information on security features in European passports can be found on the European Council’s website