Criminal record extracts

The criminal record and the register of criminal suspects contain information pertaining to those reasonably suspected or convicted of a crime.

Requests for criminal record extracts are made when seeking employment that involves contact with children in schools, daycare centres or facilities for the functionally impaired.

Police record extract via e-service

To use the e-service, you must have an e-mail address that you are willing to provide.

Do not use the e-service if:

  • You have a protected identity.
  • You are requesting an extract from another EU country.
  • You are requesting an extract for checking your own data sent to your special post address or Poste Restante.

Instead, use the appropriate form.

Record extract e-service

Police record extracts

Extract for employment in a school or a preschool

Extract for employment working with functionally impaired children

Extract for employment in HVB homes

Extract for employment with children in non-school activities

Extract for checking your own data in the criminal record

Extracts for use abroad

Extract from the criminal record of other EU countries

Record extract for employment in insurance distribution

Digital extract

Now you can get your police record extract sent to your Swedish digital mailbox (Kivra, Billo or Min myndighetspost). If you have any convictions registered the extract will be sent to your registered address instead.