Extract for employment in HVB homes

You are required to show an extract from the criminal record and the register of criminal suspects to work in a care (HVB) or foster home or that houses children.

Record extract e-service

To use the e-service, you need an e-mail address that you are willing to provide.

Do not use the e-service if you have a protected identity. Instead, use a form.

Record extract e-service

Digital extract

Now you can get your police record extract sent to your Swedish digital mailbox (Kivra, Billo or Min myndighetspost). If you have any convictions registered the extract will be sent to your registered address instead.


If you are unable to use the e-service, please use one of the forms.

Processing time

Processing requests may require up to two weeks from the date we receive a completed application to sending the extract. Processing times may vary with demand.

1. Complete the form

Employment at a residential care home (HVB home). Request a police record extract,in Swedish ( (pdf, 1 MB)to be completed digitally and printed))
Employment at a residential care home (HVB home). Request a police record extract, in Swedish (pdf, 149 kB)(to be printed and completed by hand)

Note the following:

  • Send a copy of your passport or ID card.
  • You may only request a record extract concerning yourself. A power of attorney for another person is not valid.

Complete the application form clearly and sign it

Please note that forms completed digitally must nevertheless be printed out and signed with pen. We do not accept digital signatures.

Keep in mind that a complete application, properly signed by hand, with pen, will help you receive an extract more quickly.

2. Send in the form

Scan or take a photo of the signed form and send it by e-mail or post to the police. Forms sent by e-mail will receive an auto-reply confirming receipt by the police of your e-mail.

E-mail: registerutdrag@polisen.se

Polismyndigheten/The Swedish Police Authority
Box 757
SE-981 27 Kiruna

3. Receive a record extract

You will receive a record extract from us by post. The extract will be sent to the address provided in the application. The police may not send extracts directly to an employer.

Standard processing time can be up to two weeks from the receipt of the completed application to the sending of the extract. Processing times may vary with demand.

We cannot prioritise or accelerate any particular request.

EU citizens

When citizens of another EU country or the United Kingdom apply for an extract from the register, the request is automatically forwarded to the country in question in accordance with Article 22c. "If an individual requesting information about himself or herself in the criminal records register under Section 9 of the Criminal Records Act (1998:620) is a citizen of another Member State of the European Union, the Police Authority shall also obtain information about him or her from the criminal records of that State." Regulation (1999:1134) in Swedish on the Riksdagen website.

That country has 4 to 21 working days (not counting the respective country's public holidays) to respond to the request, which can result in a process that takes several weeks. We have no influence on the country's processing time, but you can facilitate the process yourself and thus obtain the extract more quickly by providing all information requested on the form.

The following applies for the extract

You are required to present a criminal record registry extract only when you are offered an employment, training or assignment in a care or foster home that houses children. Never submit the criminal record extract together with your application for employment.

  • The extract is valid for six months.
  • You may retain the original. The employer may make a copy of the extract. 
  • You may show the extract to more than one employer.
  • The extract also includes the criminal suspect register.

The record extract is part of the basis for assessing whether a person is suitable for work in a home for the care and accommodation of children. Even if a person has no criminal record, the employer must otherwise exercise caution in the assessment of the person's suitability. It is not prohibited to employ a person who has been convicted of a crime.

Law (2007:171) regarding record checks of staff at certain residential facilities that house children, Riksdag of Sweden (Swedish)

This is shown in the police record extract

An extract from the criminal record shows information regarding convictions or waivers of prosecution for:

  • murder, manslaughter
  • assault, aggravated assault
  • kidnapping, unlawful deprivation of liberty, human trafficking
  • unlawful coercion, unlawful threat
  • all sexual offences (including preparation, conspiracy or failure to reveal a crime)
  • robbery, aggravated robbery
  • gross agitation against a population group, unlawful discrimination
  • drug offences (including preparation, conspiracy or failure to reveal a crime)
  • alcohol offences (e.g., bootlegging) 
  • doping offences (including preparation, conspiracy or failure to reveal a crime)
  • smuggling offences
  • gross breach of the peace, gross violation of women's right
  • unlawful persecution
  • forced marriage, child marriage crimes
  • misleading to marriage trip
  • honor oppression.

If the conviction also encompasses any other offence, details of that offence will also be included in the extract.

Extracts from the register of criminal suspects show offences for which charges have been brought as described above. The extract also shows whether charges have been brought for complicity in or attempts to commit such offences.