Individuals with protected personal data

The police will send criminal record extracts to individuals with protected personal data via the Swedish Tax Agency, which is tasked with serving as an intermediary. It is therefore important that the Tax Agency has the correct address.

Individuals with protected personal data should complete the appropriate application form, e.g., extract for schools and pre-schools, LSS activities, or HVB homes, checking own data or extract for use abroad.

Provide only your personal identity number and your signature on the form. Sign your name by hand. Applications can be sent by e-mail or post. We send the extract by post via the Swedish Tax Agency's intermediary service. For you to receive the extract, the Swedish Tax Agency must have your correct address.

Those requesting an extract for foreign purposes will receive an invoice by post. It is important that this be paid, as you have already been issued the extract.

Send mail to someone with protected personal data (Swedish), Swedish Tax Agency