Schengen Information System (SIS) – request information

The Schengen area Member States have a joint data base information system, SIS, containing data on wanted persons. You may request to be informed whether there is any data stored about you in the SIS.

In Sweden, the SIS is used by the Police Authority, the Customs and the Coast Guard, among others.

Request information from SIS

You are entitled to be informed whether you are registered in the SIS, unless secrecy applies. You can also request for deletion or correction of information which is legally or factually incorrect. 

  • The request to be informed whether you are registered in SIS must be made in writing and signed by you, the person requesting the information. A power of attorney is not accepted (other than in exceptional cases). Please provide your name, date of birth and postal address as the Police Authority may need to send the reply by post.
  • A photocopy of a valid identity document must be attached to the request, unless you indicate that the reply should be sent to your registered address in Sweden.

The request should be sent to:

SE-106 75 Stockholm

Application for withdrawal of a re-entry ban

If a person has been refused entry or deported with a ban on re-entry (applicable to non-EU citizens) and wishes to apply for withdrawal of the re-entry ban, the Swedish Migration Board should be contacted. It is the Migration Agency, or a Migration Court, which examines an application for withdrawal of a re-entry ban.

The application for withdrawal of a re-entry ban should be sent to: 

SE-601 70 Norrköping

To contact the Migration Agency by email, see information at