Permits and licences

In most cases, it is the police who issue permits and licenses. Permits are required for occasions such as demonstrations, concerts, sports events and for the use of pyrotechnic equipment.

The police also handle the licensing of gun ownership and the appointment of security guards.

Apply for a weapon licence

Apply for permits and licenses at the Police Authority in the region where the permit applies. You can visit a police station, e-mail or sen your application by post. The processing time varies so applications should be submitted well in advance. You are required to pay a fee in order to have your application processed. You will receive an in-payment form from the Police Authority when we have received and registered your application. Remember that your application will not be processed until the fee has been paid.

You need to apply for a permit from the police for:

  • Public gatherings such as demonstrations, manifestations, public meetings and circus performances.
  • Public events such as dance events, competitions, funfairs, markets and bonfires (Walpurgis night).
  • Use of public space, for example, trade in public places (e.g., hotdog vendors), open-air cafe and restaurant service, placement of construction sacks or containers on public streets, placement of signs, boards and stages, placement of scaffolding, and the collection of money.

Some of the applications are available in English here on the website. If the permit you need is not available here, contact the police at 114 14 for information about fees and application forms. You can also call 114 14 if you are unsure of where to turn. For application of permits outside the police sphere of responsibility, contact your municipality.