Apply for a permit for a public event

A permit is required in order to hold a public event, such as a market, city festival or fair.

In order for an event to be considered a public event, it must be organized for, or open to, the general public.

Apply well in advance

Remember to apply well in advance and fill out all the information requested. If your application has been completed correctly and you have sent in all the required documents, you’ll get your decision faster.

Examples of activities requiring a permit

  • Dance
  • Markets, flea markets and car boot sales
  • Motorsport races
  • Fairs and trade shows
  • Funfairs
  • Festivals, city festivals
  • Walpurgis Night celebrations with related entertainment activities, such as contests, markets and dance (in other cases, this would be considered a public gathering).
  • Sporting event in a public space. The form for this can be found below.

Sporting events in arenas

Arenas are usually not considered to be public spaces. In the case of sporting events held in arenas, you are instead required to submit a notification to the police, free of charge. Use the Notification of sporting event form found below. 

Submit your application for a permit well in advance

Applications regarding public events must often be sent out with a request for comments to the municipality or other relevant agencies. You should therefore always submit your application for a public event well in advance.

In the spring and summer, we handle many applications at the same time, and it takes longer for us to process them. If we receive your application too late, we may reject it.

How to apply

1. Complete the form

Remember to include the following on or with your application:

  • Address of the event.
  • Diagram or map. Diagram or map. If you wish to set up a table, tent or other structure on the site, this be included on the diagram or map, together with its location and measurements.
  • Your estimate of the number of persons who will be attending.
  • If this is a major event at which a large number of people are expected, you are also required to include a safety plan. 

2. Submit the form

Send the form by e-mail or regular mail to the police in the region where the permit will apply. You can also submit the form and pay the fee in person at a police station.

Submit your application

Find a police station and its hours of service (information in Swedish)

3. Pay the fee

You are required to pay a fee in order to have your application processed. You will receive an in payment form from the Swedish Police when we have received and registered your application. Remember that your application will not be processed until the fee has been paid.

The fee for applying for a permit to hold a public event is SEK 870.

Your fee will not be refunded even if your application is denied.

4. Receive a decision

We will send you a decision by e-mail or regular mail.

Planning for safety

When you plan a public event, you are responsible for safety and it is therefore important that you engage in safety planning. If you intend to have a bouncy castle, for example, it is important that you have an understanding of the safety rules that apply to bouncy castles. 

Säkerhetsguide för evenemang (Safety guide for events), Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)

Till dig som hyrt en hoppborg (For those renting a bouncy castle), Swedish Consumer Agency

Firande av sportsliga prestationer vid offentlig tillställning (Celebration of sport achievements at a public event), Information sheet from the Swedish Police  (pdf, 111 kB)

Applying for a permit to serve alcohol

If alcohol will be served, a permit must be applied for from the municipality.

Related information

The Public Order Act determines the rules that apply in public places.

Public Order Act, Swedish Parliament