Apply for a permit to sell lock-picking devices

Those who intend to sell lock-picking devices require a permit from the police. Upon receiving a permit, you will be subject to certain obligations, such as keeping an inventory book and a sales ledger.

Lock-picking devices are objects that can act as keys in opening locks. The following are examples:

  • Lockpick guns
  • Straight picks with driving devices
  • Leaf springs
  • Hooks
  • Screwdrivers
  • Knives bent and honed into a form that can act as a key.

Only those who have an actual need of lock-picking devices, for example, persons who use them in their occupation, may be sold these devices. You are not allowed to sell lock-picking devices to anyone you suspect may misuse the devices.

Apply well in advance

Remember to apply well in advance and fill out all the information requested. If your application has been completed correctly and you have sent in all the required documents, you’ll get your decision faster.

How to apply

1. Complete the form

Application for a permit to sell lock-picking devices (digital form)  (pdf, 2 MB)

Application for a permit to sell lock-picking devices (paper form – print and fill out manually) (pdf, 184 kB)

If you are using a digital form, you must first save the form on your computer. Then fill out the form and save it again.

2. Submit the form

Send the form by e-mail or regular mail to the police in the region where the permit will apply. You can also submit the form and pay the fee in person at a police station.

Submit your application

Find a police station and its hours of service (information in Swedish)

3. Receive a decision

We will send you a decision by e-mail or regular mail.

Obligations for those selling lock-picking devices

If you have a permit to sell lock-picking devices, the law imposes certain obligations on you. Their purpose is to prevent crimes and assist the police in solving them.

For each sale, you are required to note the following in a sepate sales ledger:

  • Date of the sale
  • Name of the purchaser
  • Civil registration number of the purchaser
  • Profession of the purchaser
  • Address of the purchaser
  • Items sold and their quantity
  • Type of identification the purchaser displayed (the document must include a photograph, such as a Swedish passport, Swedish national ID card or a driving licence)
  • The reason given by the purchaser for why he or she needs the devices

You are also required to keep an inventory book, which should show your current inventory of lock-picking devices

Save your sales ledger and inventory book for ten year

You are required to save both your sales ledger and your inventory book for ten years. If you discontinue the business, you are required to submit the inventory book and sales ledger to the police.