Apply to operate a hotel or guesthouse

If you wish to operate a hotel or guesthouse for at least nine guests, or have at least five guest rooms, you need to obtain a permit from the police.

You do not require a permit for any of the following:

  • Residences used for care, supervision, education or raising children
  • Unstaffed cottages that are in separate locations and used as overnight accommodations, for example, by hikers
  • Cottages with simple furnishings and without water or sanitary amenities, located on a camping site.

If you are uncertain as to whether you require a permit, contact the police.

Apply well in advance

Remember to apply well in advance and fill out all the information requested. If your application has been completed correctly and you have sent in all the required documents, you’ll get your decision faster.

How to apply

1. Complete the form

Application for a permit to operate a hotel or guesthouse (paper form – print and fill out manually) (pdf, 167 kB)

2. Submit the form

Send the form by e-mail or regular mail to the police in the region in which the permit will apply. You can also submit the form and pay the fee in person at a police station.

Submit your application

Find a police station and its hours of service (information in Swedish)

3. Pay the fee

You are required to pay a fee in order to have your application processed. You will receive an in payment form from the Swedish Police when we have received and registered your application. Remember that your application will not be processed until the fee has been paid.

The fee for applying for a permit to operate a hotel or guesthouse is SEK 4,600.

Your fee will not be refunded even if your application is denied.

4. Receive a decision

We will send you a decision by e-mail or regular mail.