Weapon licence and processing times

To be allowed possession of a weapon, you must apply for a weapon licence and have your application granted.

Application for a licence – proceed as follows

1. Complete the form

Save the 551.1 form (pdf, 1 MB) on your computer before you begin to complete it. Make sure the form is completed in full. If information is missing, an administrator will have to contact you. This means your application will take longer to turnaround.

2. Submit the form

To submit your form digitally, send your application here (postal addresses are also here). For those forms that must be signed: print the form, sign, scan and send digitally.

3. Appendices to be sent with the application

Remember to submit the requisite appendices. The most common appendices are:

  • Hunting: Hunting licence certificate (you can scan and submit, the original is not required)
  • Hunting: Reason for the weapon in addition to your hunting gun cabinet (5th-6th weapon)
  • Target shooting: Association certificate (only in Swedish) from your target shooting association (you can scan and submit, the original is not required)
  • Buy from a private individual: Original licence from the transferor (Enter your personal ID number on the back of the transferor's original certificate and send by post to the police in your area.)
  • Memory: plugging certificate and a description of your relationship with the transferor or the weapon
  • Odd purposes: reasons and requisite certificates

4. Pay the fee
Once the police have received your application, a payment notice is sent out (with the fee) by post . Use the payment notice to pay as soon as possible. The outcome of your case only begins once you have made the payment.

5. Decision made

The police sends the decision as to whether you are granted your weapon licence or not, to your registered address. If your application has been granted, your weapon licence will be dispatched by post.

Processing time

The time it takes to receive a decision to your application for a weapon licence depends on a number of factors. What you can do to make the processing of your case proceed as fast as possible is to:

  • Complete the form correctly
  • Pay the fee via the payment notice that is sent to your registered address
  • Attach the certificates that are needed, such as a hunting certificate or association certificate

We are happy to receive your application via e-mail.
Send your application here.

What is required to be granted a weapon licence

In order to be granted a weapon licence you are required to be at least 18 years of age. There are some exceptions. You also need to be law-abiding and well-behaved, and must be able to certify the purpose of your need to possess a weapon. The most common purposes are hunting and target shooting.


To be a warded a hunting weapon licence, you must possess a hunting certificate.

Target shooting

To be granted a licence for a weapon for target practice purposes you are required to have been active as a member of an approved target shooting club for at least six months. The association must conduct shooting exercises using the type of weapon stated in your application.


In order to possess ammunition, you must have a licence from the police. However, a licence is not required for ammunition for the weapons you have the right to use for shooting.

Bring your licence

You are required to have your weapon licence with you when you are transporting weapons, such as for hunting or target shooting.

Exception - applies to hunting or target shooting

If it is a question of hunting weapons or weapons designed for racing or sport shooting, you can carry a certified hunting licence or membership card instead confirming your membership in an approved association.

Weapons borrowed from a third party

If you have borrowed the weapon from a third party, you must bring with you:

  • A licence for a corresponding weapon
  • Certificate or proof that you may borrow the weapon

Forms (the form to choose will appear on the page) only in Swedish

If you have lost your licence

If you lose your licence, you must apply for a duplicate licence. If the original licence is subsequently found you are required to submit the original licence to the police.
Duplicate licence form, only in Swedish

Revoked licence

If your licence is revoked, you may not use your weapon. Both the weapon and the licence must be submitted to the police for safekeeping. You have three months to sell the weapon yourself. The police then determine whether the sale can go through.
Contact the police in your area for details