Weapon licence

To be allowed possession of a weapon, you must apply for a weapon licence and have your application granted.

Requirements for trade in firearms

To be allowed to trade in firearms, you must have a permit from the Swedish Police Authority. 

Apply for permits to trade in firearms

A permit may be given to either a natural person or a legal person. In most cases, it may be necessary to apply for several different permits to trade in firearms.

Temporary import

If you plan to bring your weapon into Sweden temporarily, or are travelling through, certain rules apply. Keep in mind that the weapon you plan to bring into Sweden must be approved for hunting in Sweden.

Permanent import of firearms

If you want to import firearms permanently into Sweden for private use, such as for hunting or target-shooting purposes, you must apply for a permit (license) to possess firearms in Sweden. 

Professional repair and overhaul of weapons

In order to repair and overhaul weapons, you need a permit from the Police.