Professional repair and overhaul of weapons

Applying for a permit to carry out professional repair and overhaul of weapons.

In order to repair and overhaul weapons, you must have a permit from the Police. Submit your application as provided in the instructions on this page. The Swedish Police will assess, based on your application submitted, whether you have sufficient knowledge and documented experience allowing you to obtain a permit, and whether the business operations will be able to be conducted in a responsible and professional manner.

Applying for a permit for the repair and overhaul of weapons

Follow the steps below to submit your application.

1) Fill out the form.
Save the form on your computer before you start filling it out. Make sure the form is completely filled out. If any information is missing, a processing assistant will need to contact you. And this will mean that your application will take a longer time to process.

PM 552.13 - Receiving firearms for repair and overhaul, Application (Fill in online) (pdf, 1 MB)

PM 552.13 - Receiving firearms for repair and overhaul, Application (Print out and fill in by hand) (pdf, 140 kB)

2) Verify which attachments are required.
When sending the application, don’t forget to include the required attachments. It will be stated on t form which attachments you will need to send with the application.

3) Submit the supporting documentation.
Best to send form and attachments in by e-mail. If you need to sign the form, you can print it out and sign it, and then scan it and send it digitally (online).

We are happy to receive your application via e-mail.
Send your application here

This e-mail address is only for submitting the application with attachments. If you want to supplement your application at a later date or have questions you want to ask, contact the Registrar in your region instead.

Contact the Registrar

You can also send your application and attachments by regular post to:

Polismyndigheten/The Swedish Police Authority
Region Bergslagen/Stockholm/East/West/South/North/Mitt  (Please indicate only your region)
981 83  Kiruna

4) Pay the fee according to the paying-in slip.
Once the Police Authority has received your application, paying-in slip with the fee will be sent by post. It won’t be possible to pay the fee until you receive your paying-in slip. Use the paying-in slip notice and make the payment as soon as feasible. The processing of your matter will not begin until you have submitted the fee.

Processing time, fee and contact - weapons permit (in Swedish)

5) A decision is made.
The Police will send the decision to your address as registered in the Swedish population register. If your application is approved, the original copy of your permit/licence will be sent in the post.