Volume Crime

Volume crime occurs frequently and affects many people, for example theft of and from cars, bicycle theft and shoplifting, housebreaking, vandalism, and drunk driving. Here you can read about how the police work against volume crime.

For the police to be able to deal with volume crime, witness information and preservation of evidence - for example, pictures from security cameras, fingerprints, and DNA - are important. It is also important that the plaintiff and witnesses are questioned as soon as possible before their recollections disappear.

Assault that is not designated as aggravated is an example of volume crime. The Swedish Police are working in various ways to prevent violent crime, including blocking access to alcohol for minors and working with pubs, security guards, and municipal social services. The work is adapted to local circumstances and conditions.

Another example of volume crime is pickpocketing. Pickpockets are often found where there are lots of people, for example in restaurants and on public transportation. The Swedish Police often direct their work towards places where a lot of pickpocketing has been known to occur, for example with investigations.