Travel to and stay in Sweden

No tests required for entry anymore

The Swedish government's previous decision about negative covid test for entry from China to Sweden, was not extended. As a result, negative covid tests or vaccine certificates are no longer required for entry to Sweden from February 19th  2023, regardless of departure country. Ordinary entry requirements applies, like holding a valid travel document, and visa if applicable.

Identity checks are enforced on passenger ships

From 28 March 2022, most passengers over 18 travelling with passenger ships to Sweden from another country will have to present a valid identification. This identity check will be done by the carrier and is not considered border control. If a border control is to be performed, this will be done by the Swedish Police or the Swedish Coast Guard upon entry to Sweden. Questions regarding identity checks or which identity documents are accepted for boarding, need to be posed to the carrier. Or to the Swedish Transport Agency which is responsible for checking the carriers' lists. This will be in effect until 30 June 2023. 

Entry from Ukraine

As a Ukrainian citizens you can enter Sweden without a visa for max 90 days if you hold a biometric passport. A visa is normally required for entry without a biometric passport. It is, however, not required to hold a valid travel document if you apply for asylum at the border. You will then be allowed to enter, and your case will be referred to the Swedish Migration Agency, who is responsible for further processing. Swedish Police is responsible for the border control when entering Sweden and can not answer questions regarding asylum.  

In general there is no border control when entering Sweden from or via another EU/EEA country, like Poland or Denmark. You should, however, be able to document your identity and your citizenship even when entering from another EU/EEA country, even if this is not required in order to apply for asylum. 

Residence permit according to EU's temporary protection directive

The EU has decided to activate the temporary protection directive. This means that if you are a Ukrainian citizen you can get a temporary residence permit. You can also get a temporary residence permit if you are a third country citizen or stateless, if you have been granted international protection in Ukraine. To be covered by this, you need to have left Ukraine after  24 February 2022. Some limitations apply.

Through a change of regulations which came into effect 26 April 2022, even you who entered and stayed in Sweden in the period 30 October 2021 - 23 February 2022 can receive temporary protection in Sweden. Like if you, as a Ukrainian citizen or resident of Ukraine, entered as a visitor and then remained in Sweden when the situation in Ukraine became more unsafe.

To apply, you need to register and present a biometric passport or other Ukrainian identification documents, and leave fingerprints and have your photo taken at the Swedish Migration Agency. They will also answer questions regarding this process. 

Border control

The police is required to control all persons crossing over an external border, meaning to and from countries who are not part of the Schengen area. Border controls at external border are mandatory.

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Terms of live in Sweden

Persons who are not citizens of Sweden or an EU/EEA country are required to obtain a permit to live in Sweden.

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Travelling with children

The rules concerning what is required for children travelling without a parent/guardian, or with only one parent/guardian, may vary from country to country. 

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