Terms of stay in Sweden

Persons who are not citizens of Sweden or an EU/EEA country are required to obtain a permit to stay in Sweden.

Citizens of certain countries are allowed to stay here without a visa or permit for a limited period of time. Others need a visa or permit to enter Sweden. Staying in this country without such a permit is to stay here illegally. Persons who stay in Sweden illegally can be detained and expelled from the country. The Swedish police have the right to perform checks on persons to verify that they have the legal right to stay in this country, a so called internal border control.

Persons who are in need of international protection should apply for asylum by contacting the Swedish Migration Agency or the Swedish Police. An asylum application gives the person the legal right to stay in Sweden during the period
that the application is being assessed. If you are in Sweden you are obliged to submit your asylum application in this country.

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