The following applies to travelling with children

The rules concerning what is required for children travelling without a parent/guardian, or with only one parent/guardian, may vary from country to country. The following applies when entering or leaving Sweden.

When travelling to and from countries outside the Schengen area it is a requirement that all travellers, including children, must present a valid travel document. Also when leaving Sweden will a control of valid travel documents be performed, even for Swedish citizens leaving Sweden.

More information about border control

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The Police always recommends that even when travelling within the Schengen area, all travellers should bring a valid passport or national ID card.

The Schengen area

Almost all EU countries are included in the Schengen area, except Ireland, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania. Bulgaria and Romania have taken steps to be part of the Schengen agreement. Even Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are part of the Schengen area even if they are not EU members. 

Free movement is the general rule within the Schengen area, which gives EU citizens the right to travel, work and reside in other EU countries. 

European Commission: Schengen area

Children who gain Swedish citizenship at birth can document their citizenship by documenting family ties to a Swedish citizen.with e.g. a birth certificate. A Swedish embassy or consulate abroad can answer questions regarding passport or national identity card for Swedish citizens abroad. 

Swedish Migration Agency - Auto­matic citi­zenship through birth or adop­tion 

Exemptions from holding your own travel document

Children travelling with a legal guardian

Some travellers are exempted from holding own travel document. If a minor  citizen of another Nordic country enters Sweden with their parent/legal guardian, the minor can be permitted to enter Sweden if the parent/legal guardian provides official documentation supporting both own identity and right of entry and parental rights or legal custody/temporary guardianship of the minor. E.g. with a birth certificate or other official document. And if necessary, also the written consent of the parent/guardian not accompanying them.

Crime prevention through border control

Swedish Police is obliged to protect children by hindering and preventing criminal activities, and evaluate the risk of human trafficking or child abduction by a non-custodial parent or by others. For this reason additional questions may be asked or other measures be taken in connection with border controls, to ensure that everything is in order, e.g. through database searches. This might be done both when children are travelling unaccompanied, and when the child is in the company of adults. Even airlines or other carriers might have their own regulations. 

Swedish Police does not provide any travel forms for legal guardians, but a letter from the guardian is recommended if children travel without all legal guardians present. Name and contact info is crucial so border control can verify the information.

The rules concerning what is required for children travelling without a parent/guardian, or with only one parent/guardian, may vary from country to country. Swedish Police advise travellers to contact the relevant public authorities to check what is applicable and in effect in the country in question.