Air weapons, paintball guns, airsoft guns and other weapons

A permit is required for air weapons, airsoft guns and paintball guns (as a general rule, with some exceptions).

These types of weapons, which are typically powered by carbonic acid, air or springs and shoot off bullets, arrows or paint ampoules, can in some cases be regarded as being limited-power under the Swedish Weapons Act.

Applicable rules

If you are under 18 years old, you may never use an air weapon unattended without the presence of an adult. This also applies even in private spaces. In special cases, you can obtain a licence for this type of weapon.

If you are 18 years old or older, you may have a limited-power airgun or spring weapon without needing a licence.

Associations and local clubs affiliated with the Swedish Sports Confederation (RF), the Swedish Working Dog Association (SBK), or the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) are not required to have a licence for a starting pistol. If you are a member of such an association, you may use the club’s starting pistols. 

If you want to acquire a starting pistol as a private individual, a weapons licence for what is referred to as “atypical circumstances” is required. The prerequisites for obtaining a licence for a starting pistol include that you need the weapon for dog training, sports competitions, use in agriculture, or to scare off pests. The granting of a permit/licence is very restrictively.

Apply for a weapons permit/gun licence

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Facts about limited power weapons

Limited-powered weapons are usually powered by carbonic acid, air or a spring. The projectile may be a metal or plastic ball, an arrow, or a colour ampoule. The power of a firearm is determined by the weight and speed of the bullet/ampoule/projectile. The power is measured in joules and the maximum legal limit for a limited-power weapon is at 10 joules, measured four metres from the mouth of the barrel (referred to as impact energy), for single fire guns. The legal limitation for semi-automatic and fully automatic guns is capped at 3 joules.