Information for jobseekers

When looking for a job it may be useful to know that some employers have the right to request a police record extract directly from the police when they employ. In other cases they may ask you to present a police record extract.

The employer has the right to contact the police directly and request an extract from the criminal records registry if you are going to work with or in one of the following professional categories:

  • psychiatric care
  • care of those with a developmental disability 
  • care of young children and/or adolescents
  • compulsory treatment of addicts
  • companies which install alarms

If your employer requests, you must also present an extract if you are to work in:

  • a school or a preschool
  • LSS (children with functional impairments)
  • other activities with children (e.g. in an association as a recreational leader)
  • residential care home (HVB home)/foster family home
  • insurance mediation 

If you are going to work in a professional category other than those described above, the employer is not entitled to require that you present a police record extract. If you wish, you may still present an extract to your employer.

You should not show your police record extract until you have been offered employment or assignment. Never send an extract with your job application.