Information for jobseekers

Those seeking employment should know that some employers have the right to request a record extract directly from the police when hiring. In other cases, they may ask jobseekers to show an extract.

Employers have the right to contact the police directly and request an extract from the criminal record when hiring in the following occupational categories:

  • psychiatric care
  • care of persons with intellectual disabilities
  • care of children and youths
  • compulsory care of addicts
  • companies installing alarms

You must request an extract from the criminal record yourself and show it upon employer request when working in:

  • schools or preschools
  • facilities compliant with the Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments Act (functionally impaired children)
  • other activities for children (e.g. volunteer positions at leisure-time centres)
  • HVB homes (foster homes)
  • insurance brokerage 

Individuals working in professional categories other than the above are not required to show a record extract upon request from their employer. However, one may choose to show an extract to their employer.

Extracts should only be shown by those offered a job or assignment. Never submit an extract with your application for employment.

Do you lack a personal ID or coordination number?

Those who have not yet received a personal identity or coordination number can nevertheless apply for an extract from the criminal record. Application is made on the appropriate form by filling in the date of birth instead of a personal identity number. Extracts with only date of birth are stamped with the disclosure: "Identity uncertain, complete Swedish personal identity number missing."