Information to employers about police record extracts

In certain situations you are entitled to obtain a copy of an extract from the criminal records registry when you employ. There are general rules that apply to all police record extracts in addition to specific rules for each type of extract.

This applies to all registry extracts

  • Only individuals you have chosen to employ may be required to show a police record extract.
  • The requirement for a check of criminal records also applies when employing for vacancies on an expedited basis due to an urgent need.
  • The police may not send the police record extract directly to an employer.
  • The purpose of the extracts is not to make an annual check on people who are already employed in the organization or when you offer an extension/renewal of a position in the same organization within one year.
  • An extract from the criminal records registry is only one part of the assessment of whether a particular individual is suitable for employment. The fact that an individual does not have any notation/entries in the criminal records registry about a criminal offence does not mean that one should be less careful in the other assessments of that individual’s suitability for the position. 
  • The original copy of the police record must be returned to the employee if the employee wishes.
  • There is no requirement for the person who is to show police record extract to leave the extract in an unopened envelope. The person whom the police record extract applies to has the right to obtain knowledge of the information in the extract before you as an employer receive it.

Police Record Extract for employment working in a School/Childcare

You request a check of criminal records prior employment in:

  • a preschool, a primary school, or corresponding forms of school
  • leisure-time centre/afterschool activity centres and other educational activities
  • upper secondary school (gymnasieskola) or upper secondary school for pupils with learning disabilities (gymnasiesärskola).

Administrative staff, school janitors and kitchen staff must also show a police record extract for employment. 

Check of criminal records, National Agency for Education (In Swedish)

The police record extract is only valid for 1 year. You may only document that an extract has been shown. You may not make a copy of the extract or document the information given in the extract.

Police Record Extract for employment working with children with functional impairments (LSS)

The criminal records registry extract covers all LSS activities referred to in the Swedish Act (1993:387) concerning support and services for persons with certain functional impairments, which  relates to working with children.

The police record extract is only valid for 1 year. The employer shall retain the extract or a copy of it for at least two years from the start of an employment or an assignment.

The check of criminal records encompasses:

  • closely related to the child
  • short-term supervision for schoolchildren over 12 years of age outside their own home in connection with the school-day and school holidays
  • living in a foster family home or accommodations in housing with special services for children or adolescents who need to live outside their parents´ home
  • measures in the form of advice and support
  • assistant of a contact person
  • relief position in a social home
  • short-term stay outside one’s own home
  • personal assistants are also required to provide a police record extract to the person entitled to an assistant if he or she request.

The check of criminal records does not encompass:

  • administrative staff who do not come into contact with the children
  • parents

Extract for other employment working with children/contact with children

You will need to use the extract for work that involves regular contact with children when other extracts are not applicable, such as a school extract or residential care home (HVB) extract. This can be, for example, when you engage leaders in sports clubs or children’s activities under the auspices of the church. The extract also applies to work placements via, for example, the Swedish Public Employment Service. 

As an employer you may note that a police record extract has been presented, but you may not document the check in any other way. The employer may not retain, make a copy or make written notes of what is contained in the extract.

The police record extract is only valid for 1 year.

Extract for employment working at a residential care home (HVB home)/foster family home

If you are going to employ staff for a residential care home you have the right to see an extract from the criminal records registry and the criminal suspect register. Public authorities which make decisions concerning the care of children and adolescents have the right to request an extract directly from the police. Check the legal support of your organization. 

You are required to save an extract or copy of the extract for at least two years from the start of the employment, assignment, or internship.

The registry extract is valid for six months.

Police Record Extract for employment working with insurance distribution work

The employer may only note that a registry extract has been shown. Therefore the employer may not save or copy a police record extract.

The extract shows a note that the person in question is registered in the criminal records registry. However, it does not indicate what criminal offence was committed or the sentence that has been imposed on the person. If a person has an entry in the criminal records registry, he or she may not be employed, nor may they receive a licence or other authorisation to conduct such activities.

The police record extract is valid for three months.