Information for employers regarding record extracts

Employers may be entitled to see an extract from the criminal record when hiring. There are general rules that apply to all extracts as well as particular rules for each type of extract.

The following applies for all record extracts

  • Only individuals whom the employer chooses to hire/engage must show a record extract.
  • Record checks also apply to the filling of sudden vacancies.
  • The police may not send the record extract directly to the employer or client.
  • The purpose of the extract is not to carry out an annual check of those already working in the organisation. Nor shall the extract be used to check employees whose position is renewed in the same organisation within one year.
  • An extract from the criminal record is only part of the assessment of whether a person is suitable for employment. Whether or not a person has a criminal record does not mean that less care may be taken in assessment of their suitability in other respects.
  • Citizens of an EU country or the UK are also checked in the criminal record of the respective country. The record extract will indicate whether such a check has been carried out.
  • The original record extract must be returned if the employee requests.
  • The person who must show the record extract is not required to submit it in an unopened envelope. The subject of the record extract is thus entitled to read the extract before you, the employer, receive it.

Information for alarm-installation companies and individual associations in the healthcare sector, see Information for public authorities (Swedish).

Extract for employment in schools/childcare

Record extract pursuant to the Education Act (2010:800).

A record check is to be requested for employment in:

  • Pre-school and primary, upper-secondary and equivalent schools.
  • Day recreation centres and other educational activities.

Administrative staff, school caretakers and kitchen staff are also required to show record extracts for employment. Employers may also require a record check for employment in upper-secondary schools and upper-secondary schools for pupils with learning disabilities.

Record check (Swedish), National Agency for Education

The record extract must not be older than one year. Employers may only make a note that the extract has been shown. No other documentation of the record check may be made.

Extract for employment with functionally impaired children (LSS)

This record extract covers all LSS activities referred to in the Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments Act (1993:387), and which provide services for children.

The record extract must not be older than one year.

The employer must keep the extract or a copy for at least two years from the start of the employment, assignment or training.

The record check includes:

  • Close relatives of the child.
  • Short-term supervision for schoolchildren over 12 years of age outside their own home during the school day and holidays.
  • Accommodation in a foster home or accommodation with special services for children or youths who need to live outside the parental home.
  • Provision of advice and support.
  • Assistance of contact person.
  • At-home relief service.
  • Short-term stays outside the home.
  • Personal assistants are also obliged to provide a record extract to the assistance recipient if he or she so requests.

The record check does not include:

  • Administrative staff who do not come into contact with the child.
  • Parents.

Extract for other work/contact with children

Record extract pursuant to the Act (2013:852) regarding record checks of persons working with children.

This extract is to be used for work involving regular contact with children when other extracts, e.g., school or HVB extracts, are not applicable. For example, when hiring leaders for sports clubs or church-run children's activities. This extract also applies to work placement organised by, e.g., the job centre. 

Employers may note that a record extract has been shown, but may not document this check in any other way. This means that the employer may not keep, copy or make any notes regarding the contents of the extract.

The record extract must not be older than one year.

Extract for employment in HVB homes (foster homes)

Those hiring staff for an HVB home are entitled to be shown an extract from the criminal record and the register of criminal suspects. Public authorities deciding on the care of children and youths have the right to request an extract directly from the police. The legislative support relevant to individual organisations should be reviewed. 

The extract or a copy must be kept for at least two years from the start of the employment, assignment or training.

The record extract may not be older than six months.

Extract for employment in insurance distribution

Extract pursuant to the Insurance Distribution Act (2018:1219).

Employers may only note that a record extract has been shown. They may not save or copy an extract.

The extract indicates whether an individual has a criminal record. However, it does not show the offence or sentence the person has received. Those with a crime on record may not be employed, nor can they obtain a licence to operate.

The record may not be older than three months.