Registry extract for employment working with insurance distribution

You are required to present an extract from the criminal records registry when, for example, you have been offered employment at an insurance company or are to work as an insurance broker at a bank.

Employment working with insurance distribution may include:

  • to advise on or propose insurance contracts
  • to carry out other preparatory work before the entry into an insurance contract
  • to enter into an insurance contract on behalf of someone else
  • to assist in the management or performance of an insurance contract.

Swedish Insurance Distribution Act, the Swedish Parliament (in Swedish)

Police record extract via e-service

To use the e-service, you must have an e-mail address that you are willing to provide.

E-service for police record extract 

If you are unable to use the e-service, please use one of the forms.

1. Fill in the form

Insurance distribution, extract from the criminal records registry in Swedish  (Form to fill in digitally and then print out)
Insurance distribution, extract from the criminal records registry in Swedish (Form to print out and then fill in by hand)

Please note:

  • It is only possible to request a police record extract about yourself. Power of attorney for another person does not apply.
  • If you do not have a Swedish personal ID number (or a coordination number), you will need to state your date of birth (year, month and day) and your full name (all given names and surnames) on the application.

Fill in the application clearly and sign it personally

Keep in mind that a properly prepared and completely filled in application that is personally signed with a pen facilitates that you will obtain a police record extract faster.

2. Send in the form

Scan or photograph the signed form and then send the form by e-mail or post to the police.


Polismyndigheten/The Swedish Police Authority
Box 757
SE-981 27 Kiruna

3. You will receive a criminal records registry extract

You will receive a criminal records registry extract from us by post. The extract will be sent to the address you have specified on the application. The police are not permitted to send extracts directly to an employer.

The processing time is up to two weeks from the time we have received the application until the time we send the extract. The processing time may vary, depending on how many people request extracts at a given time. If you are a citizen of another country in the European Union or the United Kingdom, the police retrieve information from that country. This means the processing time may be slightly longer.

We cannot prioritize a certain application.

The following applies for the extract

The criminal records extract will show if you have an entry of a criminal record or not. However, it does not state what kind of criminal offence you have been convicted of. If a note is more than five years old, it will not be shown in the extract.

  • The extract is valid for 3 months 
  • You should retain the original yourself
  • The employer is only permitted to make a note that you have shown the extract.

This is shown in the criminal records registry

Excerpts for insurance distribution show remarks about serious property crimes or serious financial crimes. Aid for such crime is also included. The penalty (punishment) for the crimes shown in the extract is the minimum imprisonment.

Regulation, Chapter 3, § 1 (2018:1231) on Insurance Distribution, the Swedish Parliament (in Swedish)

  • Theft, robbery and other offences
  • Fraud offences
  • Embezzlement and taking a bribe offence
  • Crime against creditors
  • Criminal mischief, crimes inflicting damage to property
  • Forgery, counterfeiting offence
  • Perjury, false prosecution, false accusation and other false statements.
  • Tax offences
  • Violation of the Swedish Prohibition against the Supply of Legal or Financial Services in certain cases Act
  • Violation of the Swedish Securities Market (Market Abuse Penalties) Act.