Internal Criminal Investigations Network (ICIN)

ICIN connects organisations that are responsible for criminal investigations regarding an employee within a police organisation. ICIN has its mandate within Europol and the network has currently 26 member organisations.

ICIN is important in order to fight corruption within police organisations

The primary purpose of the network is to share methods for how to detect and investigate corruption within police organisations. ICIN also aims to enhance the public’s confidence to the member organisations, the police organisations and to Europol. ICIN is ultimately a crime preventing tool that can help Europol succeed in its operational investigations and cooperation between the members without interference from insiders.

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(Sorted in alphabetical order by country)

  1. Belgium: The Standing Police Monitoring Committee
  2. Bulgaria: Internal Security Directorate
  3. Czech republic: Inspectorate of the Security Forces of the Czech Republic
  4. Cyprus: Police Internal Affairs Service
  5. Denmark: The Danish Independent Police Complaints Authority
  6. Estonia: Internal Control Bureau
  7. Finland: Police Misconduct Unit at the Office of the Prosecutor General
  8. France: General Inspectorate of the National Gendarmerie
  9. France: The French General Inspectorate of the Police Force
  10. Georgia: Special Investigation Service
  11. Germany: Internal Investigations Department of the federal state police of Thuringia
  12. Germany: Internal Investigations of the Berlin Police Department
  13. Hungary: National Protective Service
  14. Iceland: Hersak
  15. Ireland: An Garda Síochána/ Anti-Corruption Unit
  16. Latvia: Internal Security Bureau
  17. Lithuania: The Immunity Board
  18. Malta: Malta Police Force/ Professional Standards
  19. Montenegro: Department for Internal Control of the Police of the Ministry of Interior
  20. North Macedonia: Department of Internal Control, Criminal Investigation and Professional Standards
  21. Poland: Internal Affairs Bureau of the Police
  22. Romania: Anti-corruption General Directorate (DGA)
  23. Slovakia: Bureau of the Inspection Service
  24. Slovenia: Internal Investigation and Integrity Division
  25. Spain: Guardia Civil /Servicio de Asuntos Internos
  26. Spain: National Police/Unidad de Asuntos Internos
  27. Sweden: Special Investigations Department
  28. The Netherlands: Rijksrecherche
  29. The Netherlands: VIK
  30. Ukraine: State Bureau of Investigation
  31. United Kingdom: Metropolitan Police Service Professional Standards Department

ICIN was established in March 2020. The ICIN Executive Committee consists of Sweden, the Netherlands and Lithuania. Mr. Martin Valfridsson (SWE) is the Chairperson. The secretariat rotates every second year.

Three middle-aged men in blazers are standing in front of a large picture of green hills and blue clouds.

The ICIN Executive Committee. From the left: Žydrūnas Butkevičius (LT), Martin Valfridsson (SE) and Willem-Jan de Koning (NL).

ICIN Executive Committee

  • Martin Valfridsson, Chairperson
    Special Investigations Department Swedish Police, Sweden
  • Žydrūnas Butkevičius
    The Immunity Board, Lithuania
  • Willem-Jan de Koning
    Rijksrecherche, the Netherlands

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