Your responsibility as driver and frequent questions and answers

Here you can read about common situations that may result in a parking fine being issued, but where the reasons are not sufficient for waiving payment liability. Here you will also find questions and answers about challenging a parking fine.

It can happen to anyone that you enter the wrong registration number in the parking app or miss a road sign, but the Swedish Police Authority cannot make exceptions for human error when examining a challenge.

You paid for your parking but entered the wrong information

As driver, you are responsible for registering the parking charge to the correct vehicle in your parking app or in the pay and display machine. Even if you are able to show afterwards that you paid for your parking, you are still liable to pay the fine if you happened to enter the wrong registration number.

Nor will your challenge be accepted if you registered your vehicle in the wrong zone or if you bought a parking ticket from a private parking company but parked in a municipal area.

You paid for your parking but the ticket or permit was not visible

Parking attendants must be able to easily and clearly check that you have met the requirements for being allowed to park where you have parked. For example, if a parking ticket is required, the parking attendant must be able to see that you have paid the correct charge for that parking area. Even if you are able to show afterwards that you paid the charge, this is not reason enough to waive liability to pay the parking fine.

The same applies if you have a disabled parking badge but it was not visible to the parking attendant. Nor will payment liability be waived if you send a copy of the valid parking permit after the event, as the permit has to be visible when the parking attendant checks.

You parked on a pedestrian area or a cycle path

It is never permitted to park a car on a pedestrian area or cycle path, regardless of how important your errand is or if you have heavy lifting to do, such as when moving house. This prohibition also applies to class I motorbikes and mopeds. It also applies if the pedestrian area is on private land if the area can be considered an area that is used by pedestrians. The only exception that can be made if you have parked your vehicle on a pedestrian area or cycle path is if it was an emergency involving danger to life, health or property.

You did not see the road sign

When you stop or park your vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure that you follow the rules in place in that location. This responsibility includes checking road signs and ensuring that you have good knowledge in other regards of the rules that apply for parking a vehicle. There may also be prohibitions that apply to the whole of a large area without there being signs present on every single street. Road signs are not necessary in all areas for special rules to apply nonetheless. For example, in built-up areas you are not permitted to park on terrain, i.e. places that are not road (such as areas of grass or gravel). Nor are you permitted to park for longer than 24 hours at a stretch on Mondays to Fridays in a built-up area unless there are signs stating otherwise.

Other questions and answers

Where can I find information about road signs ?

Answers to questions about road signs and general traffic rules can be found in the brochure ‘Stopping and parking’ on the Swedish Transport Agency website. If you have questions about what applies in a specific place, contact the municipality responsible.

Where can I find information about local traffic regulations?

The Swedish Transport Agency has a database in which local traffic regulations are published: If you have questions about local traffic regulations, contact the Swedish Transport Agency or the municipality responsible.

What should I do if the app or the pay and display machine is not working?

The fact that a parking app or pay and display machine is not working and cannot receive payment does not give you the right to park your vehicle anyway in a parking area that requires payment. Pay and display machines often show a number you can call to report that the machine is out of order and also get help to know what to do so that you can park.

How is the parking fine calculated and is there any way of reducing the amount?

The municipality sets the parking fine. The amount may be a minimum of SEK 75 or a maximum of SEK 1 300. Fines vary depending on where and how the vehicle was incorrectly parked. The Swedish Police Authority cannot reduce the amount or examine whether the amount is reasonable. Questions about the amount are answered by the municipality responsible.

Who can I contact if I wish to comment on the behaviour of the parking attendant

Parking attendants are appointed by the municipality. If you have questions for or about parking attendants, you should contact the municipality responsible.

Can I have the photo that the parking attendant took of my vehicle?

Questions about photos should be sent to the municipality where the fine was issued. There is no requirement for parking attendants to take a photo of an incorrectly parked vehicle when issuing a parking fine, and therefore this may vary from one municipality to the next. The Swedish Police Authority will only request photos if this is necessary to investigate a matter.

Is it a crime to park incorrectly?

You are not suspected of having committed an offence when you receive a parking fine and the incident is not registered in the criminal record.