Sweden’s EU Presidency in 2023

From 1 January 2023, Sweden will hold the six-month Presidency of the Council of the European Union, also known as the Council of Ministers.

As part of its Presidency, Sweden will host some 2 000 meetings in Brussels and Luxembourg, as well as around 150 meetings in various locations in Sweden.

The Swedish Police is responsible for security at all the meetings and conferences held in Sweden within the framework of the Swedish Presidency. The Police is also tasked with ensuring that fundamental freedom of opinion and expression is guaranteed. One example of freedom of opinion and expression is the right to demonstrate.

Everyone’s right to freedom of opinion and expression

In Sweden, freedom of expression prevails and all inhabitants have the right to demonstrate, protest and hold public meetings. It is a right that enjoys strong protection in the Fundamental Law. The role of the Police is to ensure that everyone can express their opinions in accordance with the existing laws and guarantee the practical requirements for various events. The Police is responsible for maintaining public order and safety, and for prosecuting any crimes committed.

The duties of the Police in connection with demonstrations

Apply for a demonstration or protest permit (in Swedish)

International police cooperation

During Sweden’s EU Presidency, the Swedish Police Authority will have the opportunity to further pursue European police cooperation, and the focus in the area of law enforcement will be combating organised crime. The Swedish Police will work closely with the Ministry of Justice on this issue. For example, staff from the Swedish Police Authority will offer their expertise in different areas, such as internet-based crime, drugs and money laundering.