Procurement and purchasing

All products and services purchased by the Swedish Police Authority must be procured from competing parties in the open market.

Procurements with a total contract value in excess of the threshold stipulated in the Public Procurement Act (2016:1145) are announced through the Police’s supplier portal and/or on Tenders Electronic Daily, the EU electronic gazette for public procurement. Suppliers who are interested must themselves be active and obtain information on the Police Authority’s procurements. It is not possible to register for a procurement in advance.

The Police’s supplier portal for procurement

Tenders Electronic Daily

On the supplier portal, there is also information on award decisions and decisions to discontinue an on-going procurement.

There are no general requirements to be able to participate in the Police Authority’s procurements. Specific requirements are set in connection with each individual procurement. Certain procurements are subject to protective security.

How purchases are made within the Police Authority

The Police Authority’s procurements comprise purchases of goods and services for its own operations, such as: police-specific goods and services, IT-related goods and services, construction contracts and printing services. The law that mainly regulates the purchasing work in the Police Authority is the Public Procurement Act (2016:1145). A large part of the purchases are made through suborders from the national government framework agreements that are signed within various areas, such as furniture, travel and labour leasing. The national government framework agreements are available on

E-commerce and invoicing

The Police Authority’s purchases are mainly made through our purchasing system. Our contracted suppliers should therefore be registered on our e-commerce site. The Police Authority accepts electronic invoices.


Invoices to the Police Authority

Do you have any questions?

Contact the Police Authority’s registrar by email at if you have general questions about our procurements.

Contact the Police Authority by email at if you have questions about e-invoicing.

Contact the Police Authority by email at if you have questions about e-commerce.