The Police Authority’s purchases are mainly made through our purchasing system. Our contracted suppliers should therefore be registered on our e-commerce site.

Are you one of our procured contract suppliers? Complete the Company Information form and email it to us to get started.

Company Information (pdf, 2 MB)


For those parts of the purchase-to-pay flow that we currently handle electronically, we do it according to the standard Peppol BIS and Svehandel, which is a collective name for the UBL-based standard that is recommended for e-commerce in the Swedish public sector.

About e-purchases, SFTI website

Our VAN service provider is Opus Capita and our EDI-address is 2021000076.

Send your price list to the Police Authority

If you are a contracted supplier, you should send your price list/product catalogue with the contracted assortment to us so that we can make it available in the purchasing system for the Police Authority’s buyers.

A clear article description, synonyms adapted to the target group and a correct classification according to UNSPSC are important so that our buyers will be able to find your products. A picture and supplemental product description simplifies product selection.

About UNSPSC codes, UNSPSC website  We use version 11 (in Swedish).

If additional order information from the buyer is needed, such as size, serial numbers for machine service or contact information for performance of services, contact us at the above email address.

The Police Authority can receive price lists/catalogues in the following ways:

  • Electronic product catalogue in format Svekatalog 2.0
  • Excel template for price list

An alternative to electronic catalogue is to use our excel template below and e-mail it to inkop-ea.e-handel@polisen.se.

Excel template for price list (xlsm, 3 MB)

The following information about the articles must be included in the excel template:

  • Supplier product number
  • Product name
  • Price
  • Price unit, package size
  • Lead time, delivery time expressed in number of days
  • UNSPSC codes for classification of products and services
  • Product pictures, preferably image links (column AG)
  • Synonyms and keywords (column AJ)
  • Product description - detailed description about the article, max. 350 characters (column AK)

Receiving purchase orders from the Police Authority

The Police Authority can send purchase orders to you in the following ways:

Electronic orders in format, Peppol Bis Ordering 3

Electronic orders in format, Sveorder BIS 28A 1.0

In the Excel file below, there is a specification of content in some of the XML tags that are relevant to the Police Authority.

XML tags for e-order  (xlsx, 14 kB)

The Police’s Supplier Portal for invoices and orders

If you do not have the possibility to receive electronic orders we can send orders through our supplier portal. In the supplier portal you can easily flip the order to an invoice which will generate an electronic invoice to the Police Authority.  The supplier Portal is provided by Opus Capita and the service is free. The following information needs to be available when you register your company:

  • Company name and address
  • Corporate identity number
  • VAT registration number
  • Payment information

The Police's Supplier portal for invoices and order

By email with orders in PDF attachment

If purchase orders are to be communicated by email, you must provide a generic and non-person-bound email address.

Send an order confirmation to the Police Authority

Order confirmations are sent by email directly to the buyer (unless otherwise specifically agreed).

Important to take into consideration

We match invoices with orders and it is therefore important that you follow the instructions for how you are to refer to order numbers when invoicing.

Send invoices to the Police

Do you have any questions?

Contact the Police Authority by email at inkop-ea.e-handel@polisen.se if you have questions about e-commerce.