Extended tests at border controls

The Swedish Police is preparing for the introduction of the Entry Exit System, which will affect border control, and is therefore conducting a pilot – Smart Borders!

The Swedish Police is working to make the border control safer and easier with Smart Borders. The purpose is to verify correct identity for holders of travel documents in connection with border control and passport control. 

Swedish Police will take a new facial photo at the border control and compare it with the image in your passport. This will be done to correctly verify the identity of the holder of the travel document. The image will be deleted once you have passed through the border control. 

The new EU-system Entry Exit System will be introduced in the end of 2024 and applies to members of countries outside EU and Schengen area.

Quick Border app pilot

The pilot includes all third-country nationals who have pre-registered information in the Quick Border app, but participation is voluntary.

The purpose is to test and train new technology in verifying correct identities of users of travel documents.

Within the pilot the Police will automatically compare the information presented by the traveler at the border, including a facial image taken live, with the pre-registered information from the Quick Border app. The information in the Quick Border app will be deleted once the border control process is finished.

Your rights

As a data subject you have several rights against the controller, including the right to request from the controller access to or erasure or limiting of your personal data as well as object to the processing of your data. You also have a right to complain to the data protection agency www.imy.se and may contact the Police Authority´s Data Protection Officer at dataskyddsombud@polisen.se

Your personal data will be processed according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the act on Personal Data of Aliens (SFS 2016:27). The processing of personal data is necessary for the performance of a task that carried out in the public interest. Data will only be used during the border control process and will not be transferred to or revealed for other parties.