Challenging a parking fine

If you believe a parking fine has been imposed incorrectly, you can challenge it.

Using the online service to challenge your fine

There are three things you can do using the online service. You can challenge a parking fine, add more information to a previous challenge or appeal a decision by the Police on your previous challenge.

The online service will check which of these actions you are able to perform at the current time. You can only challenge one parking fine at a time using the online service. If you wish to challenge more than one parking fine, each challenge must be made separately.


Your challenge must have been received by the Police no later than six months after you paid the fine or after the Swedish Enforcement Authority took action to collect the fine.

Checklist before you start using the online service

  • I am able to use the online service

    If you have a protected identity or you lack a Swedish personal identity number/coordination number, you should use the form instead. 

    Forms and contact details

  • I am entitled to make a challenge

    A person who is the registered owner of a vehicle in the Swedish Road Traffic Register or an equivalent foreign register is entitled to challenge a parking fine. If the vehicle owner is a legal person (a company or an association), only the authorised signatory of the company can authorise you to represent the company or association. When making your challenge, you must confirm that you have the authorisation of the vehicle owner.

  • I have prepared documentation in support of my challenge

    Often it is not enough to simply state that the parking fine was incorrect. Ensure that you have prepared the documentation to attach online in support of your challenge. The formats permitted are: jpg, png, docx and pdf. Maximum file size is 10 MB.

Paying the fine

You must pay the incorrect parking fine even if you intend to challenge it. If your challenge is accepted, the fine will be paid back to you. More information about how to pay your parking fine is available from the Swedish Transport Agency website. It also contains information about how to pay a fine from abroad.

Parking tickets, Swedish Transport Agency

Parking fine or parking charge notice?

The Police only deals with parking fines issued on municipal streets, not parking charge notices issued on private land by a private parking company. Before you proceed with challenging your fine, look to see whether it is a parking fine (parkeringsanmärkning) or a parking charge notice (kontrollavgift). If you wish to challenge a parking charge notice, you need to contact the private parking company that issued the notice. If you believe that the parking charge notice is incorrect, you should not pay it. If you pay it, this means that you accept the charge.

Do I have sufficient grounds to challenge?

On the page about Your responsibility as driver and frequent questions and answers we list common reasons for challenging a parking fine that do not meet the requirements under law for waiving payment liability. Here you will also find answers to the most common questions about parking.

Processing of personal data

The Swedish Police Authority processes the personal data submitted to online services and on forms and online forms at polisen.se in accordance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable data protection regulations. When your case is looked at, information about the parking fine and the vehicle owner will also be collected from the Swedish Transport Agency. Personal data is needed to be able to process your case and perform the tasks required by the Parking Fines Act (1976:206), which is part of the Police’s official exercise of public authority. This data is saved for as long as it is needed, but no more than 2 years.

As a rule, documents submitted to the Swedish Police Authority are regarded as official documents and stored in accordance with the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400) and archiving legislation. If someone requests access to official documents, the information may therefore be disclosed in accordance with the principle of public access to official documents, unless they are subject to secrecy. Read more (in Swedish) about your rights relating to the processing of personal data at:

Your rights relating to the processing of personal data (in swedish)

Appealing a decision

If your challenge has been rejected by the Police, you have the right to appeal the decision. Your appeal must be received by the Swedish Police Authority no later than three weeks after you received the decision. The online service can be used for four weeks after the decision is made. If this time has expired or if you, for other reasons, cannot or do not wish to use the online service, you may send your appeal by email or post.

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The Police will determine whether the appeal was received on time and will then send it to the district court together with other documentation in the case. It is the task of the district court to examine an appealed decision.

Applying for rectification

You may only apply for rectification in cases where the parking fine contains obvious errors, such the wrong make of vehicle. For a rectification to be approved, you must take the parking fine to a police station within a few days of having received it.

If the rectification is not approved, you can challenge the parking fine instead.

Challenging an increased charge

If you do not pay your parking fine within the deadline, you may also be obliged to pay an increased charge. It is the Swedish Transport Agency that will decide whether to issue an increased charge.

If you have been asked to pay an increased charge and you believe this is incorrect, you can challenge it. You should submit your challenge to the Police.

When challenging an increased charge, you must state your reasons for challenging it and what evidence you have to show that the charge is incorrect. The challenge must be made in writing and sent using the online service (state in the challenge whether it only applies to the increased charge), by email or by post in the region in which the parking fine was issued.

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