Police camera surveillance to increase during Eurovision

Släp med övervakningskamera.

The mobile camera trailer currently parked outside Malmö Live is part of the increased surveillance put in place by the Police during the Eurovision Song Contest. Bild: Anna Hermansson, Swedish Police Authority.

Camera surveillance is one of a number of tools used by the Police to prevent crime during the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

“The cameras will provide us with an up-to-date situational picture which will enable us to quickly respond to and disrupt any ongoing criminal acts. The camera footage is also very useful to us when investigating and prosecuting individuals who commit criminal offences.” says Jimmy Lindin, head of the camera section in Police Region Syd.

Camera surveillance will be increased in the main areas of the event: Malmö Live, Malmö Arena and Folkets Park.

“The cameras will allow us to form a very good real-time picture of what is going on in the Eurovision event areas, with the aim to gather information on strategically important spots, know how many police officers to deploy to a certain location in the event of an incident, and be able to quickly intervene if or when a crime is committed.” Jimmy Lindin adds.

The increased surveillance will consist of cameras that are temporarily mounted on building facades, as well as police drones with built-in cameras. In addition, mobile camera trailers will be parked in locations where the Police wishes to enhance stationary surveillance.